Crush is making a difference, but don’t take our word for it.

“Thank you, Coach Brooks and Coach Steve, for providing this opportunity for young ladies to continue playing and improving. You are doing things the right way. Keep up the great work.”

Mike Szydlowski, St. Francis High School Varsity Girls’ Basketball Coach and longtime club coach

“Thanks to the Coaches who continue to do their best and take time to help my girl and many other girls to loving their passion of basketball. Keeping them on their toes to learn more plays, work smoothly together and passionately with their team mates, and keep pushing to win. They have also learned “you win some, you lose some!” There’s something about sports and the bond the teams make, it’s as if they create a basketball family. Another huge thanks for helping get my daughter to and from practices, games, outings and tournaments so she can continue to get better with basketball. Without that help my daughter’s passion for basketball could have all ended due to our crazy life schedules! I feel these girls play fantastic together! Thanks again for keeping my girl and the other girls intrigued in basketball! Here’s to next season!” 

Brooke Herrick, mother of Crush player Rebecca Herrick

“Coach Brooks worked hard to provide opportunities for the team; games/tournaments, clinics, as well as local support. We are grateful for a coaching staff that is able to see each player’s strengths and encourage those abilities. Thank you!”

Jeff and Oumalay Cavaiani, parents of Crush player Ella Cavaiani
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